World Malaria Day 2023 25th April 2023 “Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement”

Malaria is a severe life-threatening disease; half the world's population lives in a region at risk of this dreaded infection.

Vector control is considered as a key intervention of malaria, contributing to 87% decrease of the cases (Bhatt et al., 2015). But the increasing number of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes is making the malaria control programme challenging. An insecticide with new mode of action (MoA) is required for effective malaria control programme to eradicate malaria.

However, due to its huge development cost for new active ingredient (AI) up to $286m (Phillips McDougall, 2016), vector control products with novel AI are hardly developed. Most of the products are repurposed from crop protection use with several years of development time gap.

VECTRON™ T500, our new IRS product containing the innovative active ingredient TENEBENAL™ with completely novel MoA, is developed simultaneously with products for crop protection purpose which allowed early introduction of this AI to vector control. We spent a lot of time and efforts with substantial assistance from IVCC and other stakeholders. It was prequalified by WHO in March 2023 and is about to be launched.

Now the time has come to contribute by our innovation. We are confident that VECTRON™ T500 will make an important contribution to malaria control, as one of the rotation products, supporting insecticide resistance management strategies.