• Q1. Does VECTRON™ T500 control all key malaria vectors?

    A1. Yes, during field trials, VECTRON™ T500 has shown good efficacy against Anopheles gambiae, An. arabiensis, An. coluzzii and An. funestus.

  • Q2. How does VECTRON™ T500 differ from other insecticides?

    A2. VECTRON™ T500 is a meta-diamide insecticide with a novel active ingredient TENEBENAL™. Unlike other chemistries that have been repurposed from agriculture, TENEBENAL™ has not previously been used to control insects, including crop pests and disease vectors in sub-Saharan Africa, thus reducing the possibility of pre-existing resistance to this insecticide.

  • Q3. Has VECTRON™ T500 been extensively tested for human and environmental safety?

    A3. The active ingredient, TENEBENAL™ has been fully tested for mammalian and environmental safety based on testing guidelines that meet the requirements of OECD countries. Human safety risk assessments based on various exposure scenarios demonstrate that the product is safe to use in households with adults, children and infants when used as per label advice.

  • Q4. Are there any toxicity data of this insecticide relating to bees?

    A4. VECTRON™ T500 is intended to be used only for indoor residual spray, and therefore the risk of exposure to bees is minimal. However, the active ingredient TENEBENAL™ has a toxic effect against bees.

  • Q5. Does application of VECTRON™ T500 require any special equipment?

    A5. No, VECTRON™ T500 can be applied using the standard hand-operated compression sprayers recommended by WHO for IRS, including stainless steel sprayers. It is recommended that an 8002E flat fan nozzle (ceramic or stainless steel) is used with a 1.5 bar control flow valve (CFV).

  • Q6. Can VECTRON™ T500 be applied without a CFV?

    A6. A6. Yes. However, WHO recommends that a CFV is fitted to regulate and maintain the desired flow rate of the insecticide when applying all IRS products. If the pressure in the tank is too high or too low, over and under application of insecticide can occur.

  • Q7. Are there any special storage and transport conditions required for VECTRON™ T500?

    A7. Storage condition: VECTRON™ T500 should be stored in the original pack/sachet in a secure dry, cool, and ventilated area, off the ground. Store out of reach of children. Do not store under direct sunlight. Prevent cross-contamination with other pesticides, fertilizers, food, and feed.

    Transport guidelines: Recommended transport guidelines as advised in Safety Data Sheet / Label should be followed.

    Disposal: Care should be taken to follow national/international guidelines for disposing of excess spray solution, empty sachets, or expired products (past their use-by date).