VECTRON™ T500 is under the assessment by the WHO-PQT/VCP


Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc. (MCAG) is pleased to confirm that an application (P-03226) has been submitted to the WHO-PQT/VCP for the assessment of its new Indoor Residual Spray product, VECTRON™ T500.

This proposed new vector control product contains the world’s first meta-diamide insecticide, TENEBENAL™ (ISO common name: broflanilide)

Discovered by MCAG, TENEBENAL™ belongs to Group 30 (GABA-gated chloride channel allosteric modulators) in the IRAC classification.

With its new mode of action, it will be an important addition to the vector control toolbox for IRS and can be used in rotation with other IRS products for insecticide resistance management.

In laboratory trials conducted at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine[1], and in experimental hut studies supported by IVCC in Burkina Faso, Benin[2] and Tanzania[3], the application of VECTRON™ T500 at 100 mg a.i./m2 demonstrated good residual efficacy for six months or more against susceptible and resistant mosquito strains on mud and other wall surfaces.

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